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"3esi is about enabling more effective decision making."

About 3esi

Oil and Gas Software Solutions

At 3esi, it is our mission to develop and deliver premium software solutions for upstream oil and gas companies to help support their effective decision making and increase their capital efficiency throughout the entire oil and gas value chain.

3esi was founded in 2005 by three principals:  Wayne SimSalvador Clave, and Sandy Moreland.  The company is a privately held Canadian corporation headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and has offices in the United States; England; Spain; Australia; and Colombia.

What we do

3esi is a software development and professional services company that provides integrated business planning solutions for upstream oil and gas companies.  We work with our customers to understand their unique business planning needs and challenges.  Then we implement the most appropriate workflow and software to meet our customers’ objectives providing the required training and support services to ensure that our customers are successful.

3esi Leadership Team

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